GILBERTO CASSOLA Fabbrica Gioielleria dal 1965
GILBERTO CASSOLAFabbrica Gioielleria dal 1965

Chi siamo.  Who we are.

In 1965, Gilberto Cassola, just a twenty year old at the time, nevertheless already skilled in crafting high quality jewellery as an employee of one the Old Valenza Master Goldsmiths, decides to open up a goldsmith's workshop of his own.


Initially, the company worked on commission for other producers and, during this first period, crafted exceptional, unique pieces for some amongst the most prestigious names in the jewellery business of international acclaim at that time.


Having acquired such experience, the company turned to producing collections of its own, thus designing items of exceptional quality within the wide spectrum of its jewellery range.


In 1994 Gilberto's son, Graziano, joins the company, bringing with him his expertise in gemmology, holding an IGI Certificate in Gemmology, duly registered at the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Alessandria.


Every stage of production is carried out under our same roof, from designing to smelting, from assembly to setting, not to mention the final, finishing-off touches.


All of the traditional craftsmanship, fruit of almost fifty years in the jewellery business, is now combined with the latest technological instruments, such as CAD and 3D designing, to achieve wax prototypes to be used in the smelting process.

This allows the company to design and produce single pieces, for an individual customer, or whole collections.  


You may find Gilberto Cassola Jewels at leading Jewellery Stores.


New Trade Shows for 2020


Do you have a special idea, a stone you would like set in a piece of jewellery with a design of your own or even a piece of jewellery which you would like to see re-styled?


Drawing from over fifty years of experience in jewellery-crafting, and with the addition of the latest   technology, we are now able to design and model the jewel you wish to come true.

By using C. A. D. and 3D technology, we are in a position to show you exactly what your design will transform into before actually placing a firm order for it.


You may avail of our bespoke service by just visiting any of  the selected jewellery retailers with whom we collaborate closely. 


Do not hesitate to contact us to find the store nearest to you.


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