GILBERTO CASSOLA Fabbrica Gioielleria dal 1965
GILBERTO CASSOLAFabbrica Gioielleria dal 1965


In 2009, forty-four years after the founding of the company, Gilberto Cassola & Co was awarded two important forms of recognition.


The Piedmontese Master Craftman 2009.


The Jewellery-maker and Goldsmith,


Gilberto Cassola & Co snc,


in accordance with L. R., dated 14th January 2009, No. 1, operating the the field of Fine Precious Metals and Precious Stones, receives recognition as Master Craftsman.


Turin, 29th, 2009


Confraternita di S. Bernardino e S. Eligio

Aggregata all' Arciconfraternita del SS. Sudario di Roma


Saint Eligio Award Plaque


The confraternities of Saint Bernardino and Saint Eligio,

in association with the archconfraternity of the Most Holy Saint Sudario in Rome,

unanimously confer


the Saint Eligio Award Plaque of 2009


to Mr. Gilberto Cassola


for his committment to and his achievements in his career as an Enterpreneur in the field of Goldsmithery.


New Trade Shows for 2020


Do you have a special idea, a stone you would like set in a piece of jewellery with a design of your own or even a piece of jewellery which you would like to see re-styled?


Drawing from over fifty years of experience in jewellery-crafting, and with the addition of the latest   technology, we are now able to design and model the jewel you wish to come true.

By using C. A. D. and 3D technology, we are in a position to show you exactly what your design will transform into before actually placing a firm order for it.


You may avail of our bespoke service by just visiting any of  the selected jewellery retailers with whom we collaborate closely. 


Do not hesitate to contact us to find the store nearest to you.


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